My Book

Aramina Smith has no idea what happened to her.
One minute she’s leading an ordinary California life and the next, she gets taken back to medieval Scotland where Vikings and Villains attack her.

Malcolm Fell, a Viking Chieftain turned Highlander, finds her and saves her.
Once he sees her, he wants to claim her. He has this primal need to protect her.
The longer he is around her, the more he wants to convince her to stay, but she’s against the idea.
She’s closed off her heart to all men, but this Highlander starts to make her feel things, things she hasn’t felt in a really long time.

He’ll do anything to protect her from the dangers of his time, but will he be enough?
Will she be able to resist the Highlander and find her way back home?

*18+ readers for mature content and violence*

To read Taken in Time, please click on the link below. It is available on Amazon for purchase and to read on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.